Tay's thoughts
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2002-08-28 00:41:21 (UTC)

Sleep walker

It's weird how if you decide to sleep in just another hour
in the mornings, you wake up feeling more tired. Well that
was the situation this morning. Of course, there was a
massive storm this morning. Which caused my dad to freak
(which he does about even the slightest of things) and made
me late (about an hour) for practice this morning. Anyways
i've got the bed head look going on all day today. I can't
wait to take a shower! I was so lazy last night...well more
tired than lazy acutally, so i kinda postponed all my homework to
I felt too tired at the end of the day to make up my Lab
for biology so im juss gunna do it during class tomorrow.
Anyways, i was a good girl (for once) and did all my
homework tonight. Alls i gotta do now is spruce up my
craped up geometry project ( i hit it on wet bushes while
walking home from megans house on sunday) and work out. A.
Idol comes on tonight and i bet anyone a million bucks that
justin gets voted off tonight. I still cant beleive that
Tamyra got voted off...now ther aint no competition for
kelly! geeze what were you people thinking!? Anyways..im
clean up my room and go do some serious working out -idge.
Thursday is going to be a huge night i gots a dinner party
and a shopping spree...hopefully tomorrow i wont be soo
tired :(