Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2001-07-17 15:56:05 (UTC)

I've got a date...with a girl!!!

Okay, sorry I haven't written in a almost a week. I
can't believe I'm apologizing to myself...
I have a "date" tomorrow night- with a girl. Her name
is Gabrielle, she has short red hair, blue eyes, and she's
really sweet. We matched on, and then
we talked with instant messanger, and now we're meeting at
Denny's tomorrow night at 6:30. I'm excited. We'll start
out as friends (if we like each other), and then move up to
friends with benefits. I'm just so curious about being with
another girl. I'm so attracted to women, they're so much
softer and prettier than men- don't get me wrong though, I
absolutely love Ryan with all my heart, and would never
leave him for anyone, man or woman. I just want to
experience life to the fullest, try everything once...or
I actually went to the beach with Ryan the other day.
It wasn't that bad. I didn't go in the water, I just sat
out in the sun and read a book. I keep telling myself it's
okay to be a little tan (even though I've worked my ass off
to get as white as I am). Pale skin just goes better with
tons of black clothing. It completes the look :) But I
guess a little tan won't kill me. I wear long skirts and
sweaters anyway. The only part of me that shows is my chest
(I like low cut tops, I can't help it- they're just more
feminine), and that won't tan for some reason.
I'm so nervous about tomorrow night! I don't know what
to say to her, how to keep up conversation, what to eat,
what to do when it's over...Do we plan something at the end
of the date? Do we just e-mail each other? Exchange phone
numbers? Aaaaaah! I'm stressing myself out. Que sera.
I'll let you know how it goes...let ME
know...whatever, bye for now!