Mistress L

Ravings of a Self-Confessed Erratic Nut
2001-07-17 15:39:31 (UTC)

Still no car!

11:30AM - Ha, I love how I have to time my entries because
I write about 4,000 a day. It's raining out, yes! Since I
work in an icecream place it should be nice and sloooow.
I'm working at 5. Hm, I think i'll go to the mall soon, or
the gym. I have to call up someone to go with though, I'm
in no mood for another alone-day. I'm supposed to be going
to that Moby/Incubus concert tomorrow but I haven't talked
to Di or Jess. They better be taking me, because I paid $80
for that and I won't have my car. Oh bloody fuck, I don't
have my car now, I can't go to the mall. Argh! If my
brother keeps taking it I am going to waste away in this
goddamn house. I wish I was going to the Madonna concert.
It's the only concert I really wanted to go to. Oh well.
I'll just watch it on HBO, woo hoo! I am going to drive up
to see Rach when Nic comes, hopefully I'll have my car
then. I bet i'll get lost on the way, that is my luck.

Daily SATC Quote : "Maybe some women aren't meant to be
tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone
just as wild to run with."-Carrie

I must find a non-Carrie quote for tomorrow.

Or i'll just put it here for now and transfer it tomorrow! ha.

"If you tell a man 'I hate you', you may have the best sex of your
life. But tell him 'I love you', and you'll probably never see him
again." -Samantha. So true.

Sorry, this show is my Bible, I have to stash my quotes here. Jessy
understands my obsession, it's a wonderful wonderful thing. lol.

1:30PM- Must stop smoking, disgusting habit. Just talked to Jess,
the concert tomorrow is still on, i'm excited. I love Moby, he's
beautious. I'm listening to Evita. I got this double cd for 3 bucks,
what a deal ! I forgot to wash my damn work shirt, maybe they won't
notice when i'm not wearing it.

11PM- Good good, didn't get in trouble for not having work shirt.
Work was boring and uneventful. This new girl at work is blond
and "looks like a swedish bikini model," according to all the guys at
work. So Eric is obsessed with her, and I have decided to just forget
him because men are a waste of energy and the itsy half-brains they
do sometimes have are hidden somewhere in the midst of their dicks.
Will become lesbian. Oooo I feel a quote coming on....

"Yes ladies. I am a lesbian." -Samantha
"I don't think she's a lesbian... I think she just ran out of men."

Haha, anyways, after work I had to drive Jenna to a party. Jenna is a
cute hippy girl I work with, her hair is half dreaded because she
got too lazy to do the other half, lol. But anyways, she made me stop
at Tedeskies and she bought herself cigs and then I had to use the
last scrap of money I have to get gas since my brother used it all.
We got lost in nowheresville but finally found the house. I was
invited in , and said Okay, but then I reconsidered and said
Nevermind and drove off. Wasn't in the mood to socialize, with people
I don't know anyways. So just got home and slipped into my satin pj's
and i'm ready to chill. I know i'll just end up being bored all
night. I finished all of my books and movies ect, nothing on tv and
no one will be around to talk to I bet. That's what sucks about being
an insomniac, sometimes you get so bored that you just want to go to
bed, but you can't. I'm going to that concrt tomorrow and then
sleeping over Di's, it'll be fun fun fun. Maybe I will meet a nice
guy. HA! Riiiiighhhht....