SuGaR RuSh
2002-08-27 23:21:24 (UTC)

its a stoner...

okay thars this dude pete...hawtest kid...anywho..he sits
next 2 me in graphic design...and 2day we was talkin n
stuff and i hit him like if u know me u will get it like i
was just jokein n stuff and so he does it back then he
puts his hand on my leg..LIKE ON MY it was real
close 2 *ahem* and i was like"hey thats sexual harassment
and i dont have 2 take it" and he was like "its only sexual
harassment if its not wanted" and i just laughed and i was
like gunna shit a brick ...and he rides my bus it
was me him n jesse in the back talkin n stuff and we were
talkin bout nipple piercing and he looks @ me..and hes
like "u should get ur tits pierced" and im laughin and hes
like "u got nice ones" and he asked sam (which is a gurl)
lol and i was like sam dun answer and then he screams and
ask the whole bus lolol but i didnt care hes so hawt he can
do what ever he wants lol yes so thats y im a stoner..yaya
amber i know ur thinkin it LOL hm...chem aint fun no moe
cuz i dun sit near n e one :( lalala...i slept 4 45min
after was nice yo and leeann rimes hubby so hawttt LOL anywho ill write laterz