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2001-07-17 14:48:05 (UTC)

Tooooo long in front of a computer

It is about 9:30 in the morning (early 4 me) , and the
wbpage that I am trying to pull together (and wuz supposed
to be finished right now... screwed up last night! It wuz
3:30 in the morning, and things were going great, until a
diaster happened!!!!! My whole computer froze, and I
couldn't even close out of aol! Instead, I lost all that i
had worked on for the past 4and a half hours, by just
turning my whole computer off!!!! So i will restart this
morning... and if I eva finish, I will go skatin with
Adam (my boyfriend), Michael, Autumn (1 of my best
friends!), Kayla (1 of my best friends) and her
boyfriend... Brent (who has become like family to me!)
Other than that, today could be very boring! But I am gonna
get back to work!

~*Mallory*~ aka...Mallerdee