Sammy's Life
2002-08-27 21:18:21 (UTC)

Another one bites the dust

Haha I just wanted to write that in my title because I
like that song. Well, The second day of school is over and
I already want school to be done. But I am sure this year
will go fast. I was going to start my journal on another
site but It doesnt have a link to put in my profile on
AIM. Oh if you have AOL Instant Messenger, my screen name
is GCFemme03. Anyway, that certain someone still isnt in
any of my classes! Oh Boo...but It's okay, I actually had
a good day today. Except my first two classes I don't know
anyone in them. I mean, there are a few hotties in there
but I dont talk to them because I am too damn shy!! My
problem is I am too shy and I care too much about what
people think of me. It's because that school is a bunch of
preps and (what they call) punks and I am just in between. I
do not like the preps, and I dont fit in with the punks
even though I have no problem with them and I would love
to talk to them. Do you ever just think that you dont fit
in? I mean I am not depressed or upset like I was last
year starting new school and all...I'm just sort-of
like ...BLAH. I just hate hate hate change!!! Okay
well, Im going to go write for my Creative Writing class.
It is so awesome because I practically write whatever the
hell I want! I love to's the only time I
actually like