The Nightshade Princess
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2002-08-27 20:54:13 (UTC)


I heard more things about father that nearly sent my
mother and I into hysterics. His ex called us, and
apparently he has been bragging to her about what he did to
my mom (though he never told her what he did to me).
Finally, the two broke up and she realized what had been
happening, so she called my mom. Apparently, father said
he isn't finished with us yet. He probably has the keys to
our house, thanks to my little brother who also had keys
and managed to lose them at his father's house. He also
knows where we live, due to some clever effort on his
part. This song has been playing in my head all day. I
could do it... he wouldn't hurt anyone else. He has hurt
so many already. To my cousin he did the same thing as I,
and he has hurt my mom in many ways. I could plead
temporary insanity... after those years of abuse and such,
I AM snapping, every time I go to sleep I dream of it... I
fear him and loathe him and that in itself scares me. I
could kill him easily. I won't... but it would save so
many women so much, if only...

(honey what have you done)
(It's the sound of my gun)
(honey what have you done)
(It's the sound It's the sound)
Janie got a gun
Janie got a gun
Whole world's come undone
Lookin straight at the sun
What did her daddy do?
What did he put you through?
They say when Janie was arrested
They found him underneath a train
But man he had it coming
Now that Janie's got a gun
She ain't never gonna be the same
Janie got a gun
janie got a gun
Dog days just begin
Now everybody is on the run
Tell me now it's untrue
What did her daddy do?
He jacked a little bitty baby
The man has got to be insane
They say the spell that he was under
The lighning and the thunder
Knew that someone had to stop the rain
Run away, run away from the pain
Run away, run away from the pain
Run away, run away
Run, run away
What did her daddy do?
It's Jamie's last I-O-U
She had to take him down easy
And put a bullet in his brain
She said cuz no body believes me
The man is such a slease
He ain't ever gonna be the same
Honey, honey what's the problem
Tell me it ain't right
Was it your daddy's cradle robbin' that
Made you scream at night?

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