The land of unknown
2001-07-17 14:26:37 (UTC)


boy do i feel like an ass-hole. i just now realized how to
read my messages readers send. well, to do a request
here, i am Tom (aka, TIMMY! Lyz calls me that) i am 16,
tall, white, stufid. hehehe. and i have a split split split
split personality. but i usually just speak for all of me.
as i have mentioned, i play guitar and keyboards. i
listen to all kinds of metal, including black metal and
industrial metal and lots of stuff. and industrial, gothic,
rock, and things like that. i love playing games. but not
like playstation. one of my all time fav games is Diablo.
and Diablo II was cool. i also like Myth, Myth II,
civilization (unfortunetly, it was a DOS game), and
sometimes back to the classics Doom, Duke Nukem
3D, Wolfenstien 3D. those games are always cool. so
yea. and i just recently (like the past week) moved into
my new house all the way in Virginia. but my real home
will always be in California. with all my friends of
course. Kitty, Lyz, Nate, Amanda, Peter, Ray, Dustin,
Melissa, Pablo, Dabay, and the list will just keep going
but i think u get the idea.