My Reality
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2002-08-27 19:48:15 (UTC)

So why exactly am i in college?

ok so yeah, everyone makes a big deal out of going to a fou
year univerisity, like its the most important thing in the
world like i wouldnt havea future without it like there is
no way in hell that i could ever get a real job or survive
the real world without attending a college. well all i
gotta say is today i entered a philosophy class and if this
is what i need to survive in the real world then alls i
gotta say is the real world is seriously fucked up. ok ok
granted it was the first day but i bet you money it will be
just as weird and unimportant and silly and useless today
as it will be three months from now. we spent around an
hour "philosophically" discussing the true meaning of the
term introduction to philosophy. god what a waste of my
time. i mean everyone needs a crap class here and there
but geez this is retarted.