the ups and downs of my life
2002-08-27 19:35:59 (UTC)

first day of school

today was the first day of school. it was good i guess i
mean as far as school goes. i have homework in law
already today and my class has only 14 ppl. most of my
other classes have like 17 ppl in all my other classes
cept for spanish which i think has more. anyways. my 8th
grade history teacher is now my 10th grade history teacher
and i guess it would have been good if he was a teacher
eveyone wanted back but its like ugh! he should have
stayed in 8th it will be horrible this yr. all the bookos
are huge this yr. i have to cover all my books and yeah
i think thats it

well it was fun seeing everyone again. and i saw joe this
guy i thought i was over and im not. errrrrrrrrrr!i neeed
to move on lol. gaven i think hasnt called me yet. so im

ui guess thats all for now