Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-08-27 18:33:05 (UTC)


I'm gonna see them In Manchester on the 10th. Which is
cool. I don't see why Joey wears a mask, he looks just the
same without it, as in it.

Anyways, on Friday I went to Leeds which was great.
Slipknot fucking rocked! Slipknot gave us all a drumstick,
except Meegs' cousin, so I had to give him mine, I nearly

NoFX were ok. I don't listen to them, but they were a fun
band. And I got to touch the guitarist.

The Prodigy were one of the best acts (after Slipknot) and
everyone was dancing. It was great. They playec Smack my
bitch up, and I saw the video for it when I got home :)

The Offspring were ok. i didn't get to see much of their
set because I went for something to eat.
GnR were ok. I don't really like them, but they rocked.

Amen were great too. Casey snapped the microphone and was
trying to talk through it, hehe. The security got really
angry with him for jumping into the crowd. The security
were crap this year. So moany.

Then we set a small fire and everyone was sat around it,
and some guy threw a bottle on, and the bottle exploded.
Hehe, all good fun.

And my nosestud fell out:( When I came home I was so tired
I just fell straight asleep, so I couldn't put another one
in and it's healed over.
Fuck it, I'll get it done again.