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2002-08-27 16:35:49 (UTC)


wow....it's beena a loooooong time since I have updated.

first off, first day of school.
okay, a ton of my friends went to another school (melly,
stacie, carly, dan, nick, and BRIAN just to name a few.) I
was suprised though, it was a good day. Ok, so I have
every evil stupid preppy/poser girl in a class AT least
once a day, but i have a ton of classes with my friends.
(nej, angela, dorsa, dana, brit, jenny, lauren, allie,
blair, mandy, ashley, morgane, and amber mostly)
SADLY, no classes with jessy. or MJ ::cries::

I havent seen steen (hey, that rhymes!)yet, and i am quite
anxious. I saw skatee. cute as ever. still hates me.
But theyare the two guys who i can hate more than anything
else, more than nny hates bodily fluids, sleep, and life in
general, more than jhonen hates drawing unicorns, MORE THAN
I HATE ANNA STEVENS!!!!!!::gasps!::but still, somehow, I
will never ever ever ever ever be over them. And i know,
coming from anyone else, that would be confusing. But it
makes perfect sense coming from me.

MJ doesn't seem to hate me anymore. I think it's because
SHOES!!!!!!! oh well. he's still cool.

No jessy in band! the percussion section now sucks. in
our class, anyway. at least we have brit.

Um...I wore my tb6 shirt today. Dani rioux is now on my
bus. I swear, if she sits behind me again tomorrow morning
i will be tempted to shove a sharp object in her eye. Same
with kim.

Anna is as poserly as ever. only in one of my classes.
(and there was much rejoicing.)

other than the evil kim/brittany/dani/leah/etc, my bus is
pretty good this year. I have nej, lauren, and dorsa.

I miss you brian. I shall canibalize rap lovers for you.

i got lots of hugs today. yaaaay. I feel loved.

in the morning me and illy are going to terrorize cromie.

okay....now about dana's party.

guest list:
lauren(other lauren)

first off, i didnt bring my bathing suit. didnt want to
swim. so, long story short, they pulled me in the water in
my jeans. they will never forget.

I got dana a flame beanie and psychadelic soap.

we played truth or dare...i only chose truths and ANOTHER
long story short in that room i looked like a slut. that
creeped me out. funny though.

they had a moon bounce so they could lock us up and let us
kill eachother in there instead of the house. fun.

now im friends with morgane. cool.

amber wants to be hooked up with someone from tb6. she
wants a guy in a band. thats funny.

I love my shoes::hugs shoes::

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH holy godess of chaos and love!
(dontcha just love that saying? compliments alanna, my
deceased alter-ego)at dana's party everyone but me and dana
wanted to watch rush hour 2 so we both went to her den and
watched the xgames. but ooooooooooomg(lol)we talked to
lauren woodruff(preppy cheerleader wench)long convo funny
dont feel like typing it. same with ansh(u/i)tz.


I have penguin socks on.

word of the day: ::steals word from jessy:: Travical!
means: no clue. jessy was trying to say "travel" and,
well, yeah....

quote of the day: "don't trip on my table cloth!"
or extended version:
me: dont trip on my tablecloth!
chibidib: can i eat your tablecloth?
me: yes you can EAT it you just can't trip on it!

song of the day: "hell yes" by alkaline trio.

Alkaline Trio
"Hell Yes"

I gave up on you a long time ago
How can you blame me?
We made plans to meet and you never showed
You kept me waiting
They said everything would work out just fine
They said you'd help me
But as it turns out it was all a lie
And they're off someplace far away laughing at me

You've been there for me one time in my life
But it didn't matter
You came and went so fast all my hope
And faith in you shattered
And now here I sit alone in this room
No one to confide in
You watched all my dreams come apart at the seams
You laughed, you left, you waited in hiding

Bless me dark father I have sinned
I've done it before and I'll do it again
Cuz it keeps me warm, and makes you smile
Been beneath me all the while
Hell yes

You gave up on me along time ago
I can’t say I blame you
I rejected the faith in your holy rays
Is what it comes down to
They said everything would work out just fine
I just went crazy
But I'm better now having a good time
Being selfish, and drunken, and vulgar, and lazy

Bless me dark father I have sinned
I've done it before and I'll do it again
Cuz it keeps me warm, and makes you smile
Been beneath me all the while

Bless me dark father I can't win
Without you I'm as good as dead
Cuz you keep me warm, you make me smile
You've been on my shoulder all the while

Whispering sweet nothings
Whispering sweet nothings
Whispering sweet nothings
You've been whispering sweet nothings

soundtrack of the day: "lookout freakout episode2"
go buy it.

i think taht's enough, if you're reading this, i love you!
::looks around, sees only brian:: ::hugs brian::
brian: *brian* lol brian is a state of mind

one more thing...

the wise one (HEY! that's meeeeeeeeeeeee!):
Gnomes are cool. If i had a gnome i'd name it spizzy.

buhbye now.
i loves you.
::brian looks around, realizing he's the only one here::

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