Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-27 16:23:54 (UTC)

thoughts on a tuesday afternoon

You ever catch yourself enjoying the way you see life
rather than the way society wants you to see life? some of
my favorite times are just doing the little things
like...watching people, driving with the windows down and
the music up, playing on playgrounds, looking at the stars,
fiding shapes in the clouds, reading a great book, coloring
or drawing, watching a good movie, admiring the great world
God has created, and just laughing (sometimes even crying
or just being) with your friends. Eventhough this pretty
much sums up my life I wish that the other things(ie.
bills, work...etc.)didn't have to get in the way. But I
thank God for them too because without a job comes no money
and without bils means no car and no insurance which in the
long run would suck. So eventhough I want to live in a
fantasy world I am glad I can have a good balance between
being(or trying to be) responsible and enjoying this short
life God as given us. Make sure you thank God for what you
have, even the stuff you don't like now because eventually
it will show it's purpose. And tell your friends and family
you love and appreciate them.