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2002-08-27 16:13:44 (UTC)

The first entry

So, I'm starting a new diary. You see, I left home for a
few months to have some fun, and now I can't remember where
my old diary is. Solution: start a new one. Funny,
because I used to think these things were so pathetic, but
now I just think it's better than writing everything down
on paper. This way, none of my roommates can find my
thoughts out unless I want them to. Not that I have
anything to say today. I'm just bored, waiting for Law and
Order to come on. Love that show. Other likes are punk
music, the Kingdom in Burlington (best bar ever) and my
friends and family. Next week I get to see them all
again. Just got the wisdom teeth out and I am very sore,
but won't tell anyone how much it hurts. My mom almost
stayed home from work today to take care of me. But then I
woulda had to spend the day in bed. Who wants that?
Tomorrow I'll probably get to go back to my house, which
will be fun. I can't wait to get my room back, so I can
paint it. School starts soon, and I'm actually excited.
Finally I can take the courses I want. It's funny how when
you're young you dread going back to school, but in
university you never want to leave. Maybe it's just me,
but I feel my brain turning to mush. I asked my mom to buy
me a book today, hopefully she gets one I can learn
something from. Not a textbook, but something interesting
and slightly educational. I think I'm a geek, but that's
ok. Better a geek than a sheep. I wouldn't ever want to
be one of the cool people, they're all the same. Different
in their own ways of course, but all worried about what
everyone thinks about them. Clothes, make up, hair,
accessories, music, movies, appearances. None of that
bothers me. Just being happy and living. However, I'm not
doing much of that lately. I should get out there and do
something, but medication deems me not able to drive
today. Or really to go do anything. Besides, I have no
car. Alas. I think I'll go read a book now. Something to
put in my mind!!!!

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