The essentials of life
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2002-08-27 14:36:57 (UTC)

This dream I had

I am about halfway through today, having had to get up
early. Yet it is clear that my dream life will greatly
exceed my awake life today in terms of excitement.

I wish I had the dreams you have over and over again. Maybe
I'd get a pattern that would make sense to me. Instead,
when I remember a dream, it usually hits me during
breakfast: "What the HELL was that all about?"

Today it took me a few hours to get a handle on it. The
dream: I'm typing at the computer, which I do too much of
anyway, and this guy in dark glasses comes to the door.
Everyone's home, but when he knocks they all hide behind
the couch like he's a salesman or something. And I have to
go all the way downstairs to answer the door. The man
says, "It's time." and shoots me in the chest. The man
leaves, and I go into the kitchen and sit down to a reuben
sandwich my mom made for me (this is not normal; she's
never made me a reuben).

Then mom screams, "OH MY GOD YOU'RE BLEEDING TO DEATH!!!"
And I calmly say, "Well, I'm not dead yet. Is there any ice
cream?" She gets me some ice cream and I read the comics.
And that's all.

Maybe I woke up before the part where I died. Or maybe it
means I'm all about living for the moment. Sure, we're all
going to die, but it would be a waste to whine about it and
not have some ice cream while we're waiting.