Meshed Up
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2002-08-27 14:22:02 (UTC)

hungry ghost

ten red faces looking up at me, wrapped in brown paper and
plastic, a scent rising from their open mouths.

the purple family's in trouble and i've got goosebumps all
over me.

a friend asleep underneath the purple sheets. strange
things happening around me.

the door slammed as if somebody had just came into the
apartment. there was no one.

last night i heard sound coming down the walls. like
thousands of little spiders crawling down frantically.
first they came down on one side of the wall, moved to
another, and another, multiplying and increasing in number,
until the sound surrounded me.

all those legs. all those clickings.

my sister coughing. it sounded so far away. the only thing
that divided us was a wall.

those clicks...getting louder and louder...growing in
number. i buried myself under my quilt and willed myself to
sleep. but the spiders continued to crawl.

she couldn't sleep too. she couldn't. she lay awake
thinking about her.

got woken up in the early hours. did what was expected.
turned off the lights and felt intense fear creeping up on

thought of the spiders. climbed onto bed. heard
clicks...three clicks... only this time they sounded
different. jolted upright and expected a face before me but
there was no one.

the hungry ghost festival. everything's supposed to be
worse on the 14th day...which is today onwards.

she heard the news last night. i heard the spiders last

and we both couldn't sleep. but we didn't talk to each
other till tonight.

goosebumps. i'm terrified too.