A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-07-17 08:28:06 (UTC)

it could be

its all vision,sense and interpretation, what we see is
imprinted in our memories, how we feel registers in our
brain, then we sort it all out, so every ones trying to
simplifie what is around us and through out mankind we have
been give orders, rules, regulations,and guidelines, as we
follow them the rewards can vary. we do this to build
stature in this society, social interactions are the means
to a greater window, opportunism or doom, the fellow gift
wether you like it or not, cause that's the actions feeding
off of the actions produced by everyday life. as once we
followed a king, as we no confide in a president, human
beings need a leader, with out on the reaction would sum
chaos, so we look up to this person as he is a higher being
then us, he/she has the answers and we should follow. But
why? the person you pick to follow is no more or less a
human being then you are, but yet you want this person to
give you all the right answers, mend the gaping holes. if
he fails you're outraged, but could you have done better,
if you ever answered yourself yes then why didn't you do it?
we can question where we are in this ocean of chaos, or we
can ride it out, that's the beauty of the human mind, free
will. The ability to decide for our selfs, just some dont
know how to use it, it could revolve around the growing up
process, as a child what we interpret (wether we remember
it or not) stored it self somewhere
in the human psyche, possibly the answer to the out come of
you in the later years, to the years to come, and so on.
but you remember the monster under the bed, to terrified to
get out of bed cause the closet doors opened, as children
we develop fears as we get older those fears are erased by
grater fears, real fears. so we can flash back to that safe
place, a place we touched, seen and know, but its safe to
you a special place to fall back to, emotional outlets.
houses comforting us, feeling safe, that's your security
blanket now, not like the one we held as a toddler, but its
aged with us like has our fears. moving forward at this
motion of time living, loving vs hating, talking vs quiet ,
being vs doing, and integration follows, time moving on
developing your brain, adapting it to the surrounding you