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2001-07-17 07:36:04 (UTC)

17/07/01 - 5:03PM

Well. What a weekend. I cannot believe we all made it home
in one piece, the smell of disaster hung in the air all the
time, but we scraped by without too much heartache and
despair. On most counts anyway.

My kittie is missing again though. Please come home tonight
The Minifat... I couldn't bear to lose you!!!!

I am in love. I so so so wish I wasn't... I was determined
that I would do nothing else bad until I had resolved my
relationship issues at home. I was positive I would stick
to it right up until half way through a bottle of bacardi.
Alcohol is such a bad idea if you are making resolutions
with yourself. Mental note for next weekend... NO GROG!

I wound up with my pain in the ass love again, but I don't
think it was a very good idea. I am falling further and
further in love with him. And it sucks because his
sentences always end in but... and I am feeling like shit.


We really click when we are "together" but when we have to
talk to each other in the light of day and sober it is
awkward. In the dark we say so much, in the light it seems
silly that we could have said that! Well it seems like he
thinks it was dumb. He keeps telling me he is no good at
expressing feelings etc, but he is good at it when he
tries, and oh god why am I drivelling stilllllll..........

Upshot of weekend. Made out, felt up, then ignored.



"I don't give a dman if oyu don't like me cos I don't like
you cos you're not like me" ~ Bloodhound Gang

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