Life, Love and Heartache
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2002-08-27 05:40:07 (UTC)

Lookin for love in all the wrong places.....

Alright, so I know that he isn't going to ask me. I am very
sure of that. I haven't talked to him much in the past
week. It is kind of depressin. So now I have spent some
time with an old best friend. We are cool and everything,
but I am not too sure about the vibe I am getting from him.
Cause like at first we were all cool, hangin out. Then like
I felt like he liked me on a deeper level and it kind of
scared me a little. But the more I think about it, maybe he
is just tryin to get into bed with me. So I think I have
decided it was the last one, but still, I am a little
confused. Maybe it is just all guys that are like that. Who
knows. So now I am all lost about my honey Aaron, and my
friend is trippin me out. Oh seriously, someone give me
some good advice here.

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