My Confessions
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2002-08-27 05:07:37 (UTC)

1st day of school

Dear Diary,

Well today we went back to school...it sucks...except i'm a
senior now yaaaaay! These are the classes I'm taking:
Calculus, physics, government, english, spanish and
cheerleading. Did I ever mention that I was a cheerleader?
I dunno, the whole Christian ordeal sorta consumed my life
for a while. But yeah Samantha and I are both on the team
this year. Except I don't cheer during the winter, I play
soccer then. I love soccer btw! NE wayz, so yeah I'm in
the same class as Alyssa and Desi for English! And Jay and
I are in the same calculus class (oh god calculus!) and
spanish its sam me and stacey. I have physics with Jay and
Christian...lucky me that class won't be awkward or
anything! And Collete and I only have government together,
but that's enough!

Okay well gtg!


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