Thoughts to Share
2002-08-27 04:03:42 (UTC)

class? who has time for class?

First of all...let me say. I'm very proud of the people
upstairs for not rearranging their furniture again tonight.
*knock on wood* But my suitemate, yeeeah. Really-doesn't
everyone enjoy a suitemate who is never here, but when she
is is sure to slam any and all doors possible, at every
opportunity and make everyone else's life miserable. I
know I do. (Note the sarcasm.)
So, I'm perfectly excited about so many things coming up.
I could deal with not going to class. :-p I feel a lil bad
b/c when I came back tonight from Meredith and Heather's I
didn't do anymore work. But I keep telling myself it's ok
b/c I studied A-L-L weekend. (Trying to convince myself.)
Tonight was my night to cook. I made veggie pizza, tomato
soup, and banana bread. I think it went over well. :-D
Exciting things:
1) Going home this weekend. That includes: Getting to
see my kitty...my mom says he's a basketcase missing us.
Also, get to see my brother! Yay! Going to help him pick
out his birthday present. :-)
2) Get to see Julie on Monday. She doesn't have class,
but Communist Campbell does. Plus-I get to meet her
boyfriend Russ, who I hear is awesome. I think she's
biased. :-p
3) So...Russ...what is he bringing with him? 2 tickets
for the John Mayer concert that he can't use. So, we've
made a semi-deal and I'm going to buy his tickets from
him. Paying for part of Blake's ticket for the concert for
his birthday present. Never know what to get the boy. :-p

And now....soooo tired. Must crawl up into the bed.