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2001-07-17 05:27:14 (UTC)

IM~ 7-16/17-01

shaggmad: well for "what will he say" i got a melody
until like the last 2 lines... just nothing i come up with
fits very well
Justmer3102: we could always just cut those out
Justmer3102: I put them on there 'cause they kinda end
the poem, you know what I mean?
shaggmad: yeah
shaggmad: good call
Justmer3102: thanks, I try (not really but oh well!)
shaggmad: and the only line i'm having trouble with is
the intertwine one... i have a melody and it fits, but if
there were fewer words it would fit and sound better
Justmer3102: what about : To see if we can combine (or
intertwine, which ever works)
shaggmad: ohh yeah combine works good
shaggmad: good call
Justmer3102: again, thanks
Justmer3102: **blushing**
shaggmad: my pleasure
Justmer3102: yay
Justmer3102: I wish I could hear what you're working on
shaggmad: i could record it and send it to you... but i
bet it would take forever
Justmer3102: probably
Justmer3102: you could give it to Caroline and she could
get it to me
Justmer3102: if you want
shaggmad: well i mean i could record it and send it to
you on the computer
Justmer3102: ahh, well in that case, disregard my last
comment cause it's really dumb then
shaggmad: well its understandable
Justmer3102: anyway, if you feel like recording it and
sending it then go ahead, but if you don't want to that's
shaggmad: k
Justmer3102: so, what are you gonna do?
shaggmad: i'm gonna record it.. and try to send it- if it
takes too long i'm gonna just forget it
Justmer3102: ok, thats cool
shaggmad: whoa mamma thats gonna take 2 forevers
shaggmad: it says its gonna take "114 minutes to upload"
Justmer3102: sorry
Justmer3102: then don't do it
shaggmad: ahhh well
Justmer3102: will it let you do anything while
it's "uploading"?
shaggmad: nope
Justmer3102: (I don't know much about computers)
Justmer3102: ah well, then don't worry about it. If you
want you could record it like I do, with a real tape and
give it to Caroline to give to me.
Justmer3102: if you want
shaggmad: k
Justmer3102: so anyway
Justmer3102: you still with me?
shaggmad: right here
Justmer3102: cool shit
Justmer3102: so what are you up to?
Justmer3102: or not
shaggmad: or not what? i'm sorry i accidentally cancelled
the IM
shaggmad: i hit the spacebar at the wrong time
Justmer3102: oh, lol. I said what are you up to?
shaggmad: oh- well i'm trying to clean up a few of my
songs... i have been changing words here and there
Justmer3102: good stuff,
Justmer3102: i'm gonna let you go
shaggmad: oh..
shaggmad: ok
Justmer3102: sorry, I'm tired.
shaggmad: ahh me too
shaggmad: i shoudl go
Justmer3102: yeah, I need to stop going to these clubs, I
stay out way too late
Justmer3102: [] but they're fun!
shaggmad: we dont have any clubs
Justmer3102: none?!
shaggmad: it sucks
shaggmad: the closest one is in alexandria
shaggmad: and now they renevated it and its all small..
and really ghetto- and kinda scary
Justmer3102: what's it called?
shaggmad: i dunno brndan took me
Justmer3102: 'cause I know there's a club in Springfield,
I don't know how close that is to you, but my ex
boyfriend's band , In So Far, played there, it's called
shaggmad: thats kinda cool
shaggmad: the name
Justmer3102: yeah, it's a cool place. You should go, I
don't know if the bands that play there are your style but
you should check it out
shaggmad: i might.. me and brendan have many a boring
nothing to do night
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: well you should, cause local bands need your
shaggmad: word up
Justmer3102: yea baby, well sweetie I'm off to bed, sweet
dreams and all that
shaggmad: alright you too babe
shaggmad: i'll talk to you ltaer
Justmer3102: yup yup, later

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