OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
2001-07-17 05:00:09 (UTC)

Every 5 Minutes...

Every damn 5 minutes I'm changing my mind. I want to break
up with Terry. I don't want to break up with Terry. Like I
have these moments. And now Alicia won't even do it for me
(even though I KNOW it's shitty to have someone else do
it). I'm just fucked up in the head or something. Because I
think, it's good that it'll be over. Then I'm like
NOOO...and then I'm like he's not THAT cute anyway and it's
not like I'm going to miss him. THEN- I WILL MISS HIM- and
etc,etc, etc... *ugh* DAMN THAT BOY IS SHORT!! Ok, like
right now, I want to break up with him.. no I don't. SEE!!!
DAMN!!! Like, I want to be with someone that isn't so damn
serious and he isn't all the time getting so mad so easily
and someone I can like, BE DUMB in front of- and i none of
that is Terry. But like, he's nice. But sometimes he is
just GROSS!! And I won't be seeing Travis for like 2 weeks
and.... y'know, if shit happens, then shit happens I guess.
I WILL just wait for the next time we get into an argument
or something and I'll just be like "You know what Terry,
you get mad too damn easily, and today was just NOT my day,
so I'm not putting up with it, so, we're just done-
goodbye" good? yea ... that's good. I think. See, I have
never have the guts to do it, so ONE day, ONE DAY, he HAS
to get on my nerves when I'm having a bad day. It's
inevitable for that NOT to happen. Soo .. it's messed up.
I'M JUST MESSED UP!!!!! DAMN ... I need some time to think,
and if I was ABLE to think... *sigh* I just need help-
someone tell me what to do...