Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-17 04:52:23 (UTC)

She won't see it ........

The pain she feels
I feel it too
I dont kno how
But I just do

I see her cry
And I want to as well
But the pain I feel
Just won't come out

She is my mom
She is my friend
She will be dear to me
Until the end

She hurts so much
She really does
And I wish Reality
Would give her kids a buzz

So they could feel
The pain inside
In which they give to her
Throughout this life

She cried at night
And does her best
To stay strong
And get some rest

I feel so bad
And want to help
But how is what
I can't figure out

She does so much
For her kids
Loves them a lot
And hopes for the best

I hate to see her cry
I hate to see her in pain
And when I see it
I feel outraged.

~ I wrote this on ...... o hey I wrote it today. July 16,
2001. I wrote this as my mom was talkin to my lil brothers
councelor (I just can't spell that!) It looks wrong. Well
she was tellin me all this pain she has and all so as she
went to talk to my brothers (ummm mentor!) haha okay
councelor thingamigiger ... I sat in the van and wrote
this. It helped me to get some pain out but it ended up
gettin worse as the day continued on. I am confused ......
I dont kno what to do. And I dont expect I ever will. My
mom and I have our bad times a lot ...... but I really do
feel for her. After all ....... she is my mom, right