just me
2001-07-17 04:46:15 (UTC)

IM 7-16-01

Justmer3102: hey stranger
shaggmad: well hello there
Justmer3102: how's everything going?
shaggmad: pretty well i think how about yourself?
Justmer3102: it's all good, my cousin is driving me crazy
shaggmad: tell him/her to chill out
Justmer3102: her, julie. She just won't leave me alone! I
love her and all but I don't want to be joined at the hip,
I tried to be nice and tell her to leave but she's not
getting it
shaggmad: tell her mike said to calm down and watch some
TV or something
Justmer3102: alright I'll try that,
shaggmad: that oughtta work too cuz i'm a pretty
threatening figure
Justmer3102: oh yeah, considering she knows exactly who
you are, and I do too for that matter!
shaggmad: yep
Justmer3102: hang on
shaggmad: k
Justmer3102: we'll see how well it works
shaggmad: go for it
Justmer3102: **crossesfingers**
shaggmad: anything yet?
Justmer3102: I was gonna try your way but I changed my
mind! I just put in one of her fav movies and now she's
shaggmad: well i bet my way woulda worked but your way
was good too
Justmer3102: I'll talk to her with "your way" next time
she gets too annoying, is that cool?
shaggmad: alright thats good
Justmer3102: well did you end up doing anything fun last
shaggmad: well i went to bed all early, then i woke up
and wrote a song.. then i went to bed for real all late
shaggmad: well i guess it was early the next morning
Justmer3102: good stuff, is the song any good?
shaggmad: i think so
Justmer3102: (just lyrics or music too?)
shaggmad: both baby
shaggmad: i was on a roll
Justmer3102: lol
Justmer3102: what's it about?
shaggmad: its called "you got to go" its about a girl who
cheats on the guy, and then she wants him to stay but he's
not fallin' for it
Justmer3102: I can relate, well at least from the guys
point of view, I'd never cheat
shaggmad: i'm not cool with that either cuz it happened
to me in 7th grade... i'm still pretty bitter about that
Justmer3102: aww, who would ever do anything like that to
you? What is she? crazy? mental? I don't get it
shaggmad: she was a slut... and i guess i didnt put out
enough in 7th grade
Justmer3102: aww baby! You poor guy!
shaggmad: i konw
Justmer3102: I didn't know a girl could be a slut in 7th
grade, damn!
shaggmad: at our school- they all were
Justmer3102: wow, I think there was maybe one girl at my
school, and she ended up having a baby
shaggmad: sweet
shaggmad: she has a great future to look forward too
Justmer3102: yeah well now she and her sister own their
own clothing shop, she really took the responsiblity for
everything, and the guy asked her to marry him just a month
or so ago, he didn't do it because of the baby, he did it
because he loved her which is cool.
shaggmad: well thats good
shaggmad: what a gentlemen
Justmer3102: yeah, he's a really cool guy, I don't know
her too well but he's been a good friend since like 3rd
shaggmad: me and brendan have been friends since
kindergarten.. thats like what? 13 years
Justmer3102: yeah something like that, I've been friends
with Basla since almost birth, we were put in the same
playgroup and my mom said we never left eachother!
shaggmad: aww
Justmer3102: I don't know what I'm gonna do when we go
off to college!
Justmer3102: if I get in that is!
shaggmad: yeah i'm having the same problem.. b is really
smart- he'll go to like UVA or soemthing... i'll be LUCKY
if i get into JMU
shaggmad: soooo soo lucky
Justmer3102: Hey are you knocking JMU?
Justmer3102: my fav cousin goes there and he's not dumb
shaggmad: bigtime
Justmer3102: f-u
shaggmad: i'm not knocking JMU
shaggmad: no no no no- i WANT to go there
shaggmad: but UVA is like a astro-science schol
Justmer3102: I don't like UVA
Justmer3102: I'm a Tech girl
shaggmad: tech is too smart for me
Justmer3102: yeah well I'm not gonna go there, I just
love it. Probably because both my parents went there,
that's where they met. I'm probably gonna go to VCU~if I
make it in that is
shaggmad: aww sweet
shaggmad: my bro went to VCU
Justmer3102: how did he like it?
shaggmad: he got a scholarship for acting.. he went for a
couple years and dropped out cuz he thought he was too good
for them- but now he lives in california and makes
movies... so who knows
shaggmad: he liked it while he was there... he said his
neighborhod was really ghetto
Justmer3102: I don't
shaggmad: you dont what/
shaggmad: like it
Justmer3102: yeah my sister's best friend goes there and
I've visited there, not like it's far from my house or
anything, 30 mins at most
shaggmad: that aint bad
Justmer3102: you said who knows,and I said I don't
shaggmad: oh
shaggmad: yeah me neither
Justmer3102: anyways, what do you want to major in?
shaggmad: music theater
Justmer3102: sweet deal
Justmer3102: do you want to go to broadway and all that?
shaggmad: well i have been off-broadway! haha... but i
wanna first do music, then movies/tv, then broadway.... not
all in my career.. thats the order inwhich i'd like to do
them from most to least
Justmer3102: off-broadway? wow. oh was that with that
musical that you didn't like?
shaggmad: correct
Justmer3102: good stuff,
Justmer3102: busy?
shaggmad: nah not really
shaggmad: how you doin'?
Justmer3102: fine, tired but fine
shaggmad: yeah i'm tired too
shaggmad: i was up all late
Justmer3102: same here, but I can't say I was doing
anything cool like writing a song (I'm not talented)
shaggmad: phsshh sure
Justmer3102: what?!
shaggmad: people are so modest
Justmer3102: naw, I just can't write music, I love
singing and writing poetry (although mine's no good)
shaggmad: modest!`
Justmer3102: no really it's not, do you want to read
shaggmad: i do
Justmer3102: hang on, I'll brb
shaggmad: k
Justmer3102: alright, sorry it took so long, but I sent
four of them
shaggmad: its coo
shaggmad: alright lemme read
Justmer3102: go for it
shaggmad: those would make such sweet songs
Justmer3102: how?!
Justmer3102: I don't see it
shaggmad: oh man, i already have a tune in mind for "what
will he say" and "never part"
Justmer3102: go for it
Justmer3102: have fun, they're yours!
shaggmad: well you'd have to go more in deapth... those
would be just a verse or something
Justmer3102: you make the tune I try and think of more
shaggmad: k
Justmer3102: wow, this is weird
shaggmad: ha
Justmer3102: I have to warn you though, I write poems, I
can't write songs (then again I've never tried)
shaggmad: just write more poems... and make them fit with
the poems you've already written
Justmer3102: see that might be a problem, I've never
tried to sit down a write a poem, I just write what I'm
feeling and what I have running through my head
shaggmad: i see what you mean
shaggmad: well when i write a song- i just sit down and
write what i'm feeling.. and if it rhymes then i make it a
song, and add to it... if it doesnt then i just keep it in
the journal
Justmer3102: that's cool, I think I know what I'll do,
Justmer3102: I just keep writing poems, and I'll start
using a web diary (I saw an article for them in the paper)
and you can check the diary 'cause I'll post them up there.
And if anyof them work as songs, together or alone,
whatever, then you can use them.
Justmer3102: does that make any sense?
shaggmad: not at all
shaggmad: you might have to re-word it
Justmer3102: damn, sorry
Justmer3102: ok
Justmer3102: hum,
Justmer3102: have you ever hear of webdiaries?
shaggmad: negative
Justmer3102: you know like having a diary online?
shaggmad: oh ok
Justmer3102: well I'll write more poems, (you still with
shaggmad: still with you...
shaggmad: wait slow down...
shaggmad: ok
Justmer3102: and post them in an online diary
Justmer3102: that you will be able to read
shaggmad: oh
shaggmad: ok
Justmer3102: and if you see any that would work as songs,
you can have them
Justmer3102: does that make sense?
shaggmad: yes now it does
Justmer3102: there we go
Justmer3102: phew! lol
Justmer3102: go here:
shaggmad: k
shaggmad: i could only see the thing that said "can you
read this?"
shaggmad: nothing else i clicked on worked
Justmer3102: that's all it said, what about "contact me"
shaggmad: oh ok
shaggmad: yeah i could click that
Justmer3102: or whatever, that's the only entry I have so
newstest entry would be that, and there are no older,
previous, or next entries
shaggmad: oh ok
Justmer3102: newest**
Justmer3102: yeah so anyway
Justmer3102: why are you out on the town?
shaggmad: i dont know what that means
Justmer3102: I meant aren't
Justmer3102: sorry
shaggmad: oh ok
shaggmad: well because i gotta work
Justmer3102: ah, ok
Justmer3102: so
shaggmad: i'm on a roll
shaggmad: hold on
Justmer3102: ok