Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-17 04:40:48 (UTC)

Explosion isle three!

Well I ended my last entry probably making you think "What
the hell happened?" If you didnt read the last entry please
disregard the previous. Okay well ........... here is how
it goes. Everything was goin fine ...... then my oldest
brother walks in. Wow! Happy to see him I haven't seen him
in a while. So I figure he stops by to say hi. (I must warn
you now....... this may take a while to read so get a
pillow get a glass of something to drink and if you dont
like reading then close my diary.) Just thought I would be
nice enough to warn you. :oD Okay well ........ he asks
where my mom was and she was in the backyard so off he goes
and off I go typing away at my lil ol computer. Robert(my
oldest brother) walks to the front yard, with my mom, to
where my older sister and brother is. I hear them all
talking but to me it was barely a muffle. So I pay no
attention. Next thing I kno my sister comes in walks right
past me to her room ....... a few seconds behind, my mom
and Robert ..... and a few seconds behind them David (that
is my younger brother.) My sister slammed her door to here
room and then Robert went to open it. David started yelling
at Robert not to go into Nadines(my sister) room and if
Robert did that David was goin to call the cops on him.
Next thing I kno They come right into the room in which I
am in and are yelling at the top of their lungs. I CANNOT
TOLERATE YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hit me. I turned off
the computer (sorry TIMMY!) and ran to the bathroom hoping
the vent would silence their yelling .... didnt do as much
as I hoped so I covered my ears .... still didnt work. By
this time water works were happening. Here I am 16 years
old and I feel like I am 8. But besides the fact ........ I
couldn't take it so I walked right through all of them into
the garage but that didnt help so I took my moms car keys
and sat in the van. I sat there and Cried for about an
hour. And in this hour I had the radio on .... and I called
Chris ...... but he wasn't home ...... I didnt kno who else
to call. Then I suddenly remembered my friend Pablos number
but he was at work. So I was screwed with no one to talk to
and noone to get my mind off of all that was happening.
After about 10 mintues of being in there for an hour I got
up the courage to walk into the house and tell them that I
wanted to go home. I cried with my mom for about 5 mintues
(mind you ...... I am NOT the crying type ...... I have
never cried that hard since I was like 7) Occasionally I
cry but it isn't really much........ just tears. This one
had its water show and music to go along. If you get my
drift. But then I had to sit in the car again cus they
started up yelling and about 20 minutes later Robert took
me home. Just wait I haven't gotten to the JUICY part. This
is all today ..... I have to tell you about yesterday which
made today happen. But to finish off today ........ I ended
home and I called Chris ...... that was the first person I
was goin to talk to. I felt a lil better ...... I dont like
to have people feel sorry for me. I dont like the sympathy.
But I tend to recieve it anyway. So then I ended up here
...... he is goin to call me later .............

Here is the Juicy part. Yesterday my sister, her boyfriend,
David and Scott (David's friend) went to a University
campus searching for a haunted place. Well they got caught
by some cops. Mind you this is 3 AM and curfew for under
age is 10:30. Well my mom gets a call around 3:30 am and
she has to be up early for an appointment. The cops dropped
off David at home. And I have no clue how Nadine and her
boyfriend got home ..... and Scott spent the night in Juvy
cus his dad wouldn't let him go home. Scott had no where to
go so he ended up at my moms house after they released him.
This is not the first time the cops dropped off David .....
this is not the second ...... yes this is the third. And
this is her YOUNGEST son we are talking about. David is
already on probation ..... they are supposed to be closing
his case soon. This is not the first time the cops have
come to the house with questions but it is the second. What
really bothers me is that this is my lil brother. And this
is the only sister I have got. I dont kno if you really
understand that cus I may be a lil difficult to understand.
But it is really hard to live with all of them. It honestly
is ..................