Kat Eyes
2002-08-27 02:04:49 (UTC)

August 26, 2002

omg the scariest shit just happened. nick was over here and
we were in the livingroom (alone) and making out on the
floor. and my dad saw it and he flipped out. and he told
lissa to deal w/ it and she asked me what was up w/ that
and i said nothing and she screamed "WELL YOU WERE MAKING
OUT W/ HIM ON THE FLOOR" and i said "so" and she went
balistic too b/c i guess it came out wrong or something.
and she was going off omg! for a minute i thought she was
gonan punch the shit out of me. but after her and dad
screamed at me she chilled a little bit. and she said sorry
for the stuff that she said to me. she called me a hussy
and she called me a bitch when she shut my door and she
prolly thinks i didn't hear her. but i did.
everything doesn't seem to matter anymore though. b/c dad
and i are moving ack and all. and its for good this time. i
have a plane ticket for this saturday. its in the mail as i
type. and dad is leaving either saturday or sunday to drive
out to cali and bring the trailer and stuff. the dogs are
staying here, with lissa, for good. grandma and grandpa
aren't gonna move azel out of the granite house,