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Had a Bad Day Again....
2001-07-17 04:30:48 (UTC)

hummmmmm : D

Hey there people. today has been pretty good. Yesterday
me and my sister Tonya, rode horses all day, for like 5
hours, and so today, I'm so sore I can barely breathe, but,
we had so much fun. I think that I'm going to get a new
horse, Its name is cheynne, It's beautiful, but anyway,
you probalby don't want to hear about that,
I called Chris the other night, he's doin a lot better than
what he was. which is great. The only thing thats
bothering him now is that him and his ex are back together
and her dad doesn't like him. So thats kinda rough, but I
told him that things would get better. He told me that he
missed me. : ( and that if I could find him a place to
stay he would come see me as soon as he got back from his
camp thing. but, that would mean that he would have to
stay with me, and that wouldn't be good. So I told him
that mom said he couldn't shack with us for a couple of
days because she was under a lot of stress. and I feel
really bad about it. But if I would have let him stay here
I would have ended up likeing him again, and thats
definately someting that I don't need to do, so I just
decided to have him not come. : ( hopefully we can meet
somewhere after I get my license though.
Michael called me today. YUK. He's such an idiot. I wish
he would lose my # cause I definately dont wanna talk to
him. lol....... he's a dork. : D.
Kass will be home in 10 days. and I can't wait. But band
camp starts up in 2 and I am definately dreading that.
It'll suck, i wish I would have never staied in it. but
oh well. I need to find me a nice guy. lol. I'm sure all
of you all would agree with me if you have been readin my
diary....... pretty boring huh?? lol, ok ok , but I'm
workin on it, hopefully I'll find me one soon. If ya'll
have any suggestions that are around the Kentucky
area...... give me a holler and let me know. ; ). lol.
Well I'm gonna get in bed, I'll catch ya'll later. Be
good and take it easy........
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