Tay's thoughts
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2002-08-27 01:06:36 (UTC)

wur did the dotz go?

This weekend sucked..monkey balls! I can't really think of
another way to describe how bad it was. First off i ended
up goin over to muh moms house as usual, and to make things
worse i got friends buggin me all weekend "please come to
the mall with me?" and of course none of them understand
that the weekends are the ONLY time i ever get to catch up
on my sleep so of course i spend friday saturday and sunday
up at the mall with different people each time. Then i had
to finish my gay geometry project which looks like crap
anyways...but thankfully i got megan to help me out. I saw
signs again and XXX. Signs was good, XXX sucked although
the person i went to see XXX with ;) was cool. So anyways,
its monday, and yeah i gots a miserable pile of homework
sitting over there on my desk buggin me to do it. It rained
like no other today, and we got to pracitice inside this
morning. Good hair day. yay. I failed my geometry homework.
Im a retard. Geometry is hard. OH yeah, we're off this
monday yeah...ha then watch HOMO digby will make us come to
practice...he so retarded..."i thank i'll use chalk !
duhhhaaaaww!" Yeah Digby marked our block placements with
chalk...and then it rained and um yeah hes walkin around
out there this morning .."WUR DID ALL DA DOTS GO?"
ANNNNYways enough of my negative ass.


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