Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2002-08-27 00:36:43 (UTC)

This is BULLSH!T

lets see not really much up now...college starts in a week,
looking for a job...i gotta get some money i hate being
broke. I couldn't even stay in the dorm because of my moms
special input and her being content on cutting up my life. Man this
is bull shit i've been waiting for this moment my whole
damn life. The plan was finish high school got to college live
in the dorm, study, and have fun, but all that crashed to hell
in a burning plane of flames as of this fall. I was so looking foward
to stay in the dorm man yall have no idea. Now i gotta stay in this
bitch ass house with these bitch ass dogs and this bitch ass scenery
i need a change imma go CRAZY staying here. Now too top it off
i gotta be here for 2 years,before i can even transfer i
should left when i had the chance and enrolled anywhere else.
If you can relate let me know!!!

totally pissed, Phoenix