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2001-07-17 04:12:21 (UTC)


Thursday, January 18, 2001
That’s technically what day it is. It’s only about
12:30 though, so I still consider it my birthday.
Yes, it’s my birthday? What’d I get? Money from
my parents? A handshake from my roommates? Nope.
I got a bike from my parents my roommates don’t
even know (thank God) and Lynn just called about two hours
ago to wish me a happy birthday.
I’ve been getting cynical lately. Not the cool
kind where you hate everything and it’s funny, but the
crappy kind where you hate everything and it stops there.
I thought when I was unmaking myself that I would have a
little bit of leeway on who I was going to be. Apparently,
I am going to be the bitter old man living in the 16-year-
old body forever. I say that because I was acting almost
exactly the same when I was 16. That one of the main
reasons Krista and I broke up. I hated everything, she
loved everything. It was really hard to find things to
talk about without getting in a fight.
Speaking of which, she emailed me today. All it
said was “I hope you have a good birthday.” I wonder what
that means in Womanese? I was never very fluent in that
language. That’s why I love Lindsay so much, she speaks
regular people talk (she has a slight Womanese accent, but
it’s barely noticeable once you talk to her for a few
Anyway, back to the cynical crap. I’m not sure why I’m
like that now. I think it’s just because I’ve been trying
to think of some stories for my Fiction Writing class and I
can’t come up with a damn thing that’s not gonna be 1,000
pages long.
Heh, I said poop.