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2001-07-17 04:07:47 (UTC)


Tuesday, January 09, 2001
This semester is gonna rock I think. I have Calc 3
(which I’m starting to like, which is scary), creative
writing (which is gonna rule, since I have a hard time with
character development and plot, which is what this class is
all about), a TE class where we tutor high school kids and
actually get to sit in a classroom, and then I have a class
with Sherby about reading or some shit (that’s why I like
her, she never really defines anything and we react
accordingly). The coolest thing is that it all starts
around 11:30 in the morning.
The shittiest thing about it is that it starts at
11:30 in the morn. That means that I have to get all of my
homework done at night, when there are a lot of
distractions. Like now. Lindsay is kissing me all over so
now I have to leave.