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2002-08-26 21:56:03 (UTC)


Today has been very boring so far. i dont feel to good so
ive just been lying around. Yesterday i went shopping and
my nana bought me these really cute new sheets, they are
pink with sheep all over them jumping over little fences
and each sheep has a different number.they are really
cozy.also last night i IMed stephen and asked him for the
pic o david he had taken the night before at the show and
he said he would send it to me but that i would have to
wait because he was doing dishes...so after like 30 mins he
says hes back and says hes going to email it to me which he
never did then he proceeded to ignore me. today i was bored
ad read his journal and he was saying how annoying he finds
it when people ask him for the pics. well he couldve just
said no he ouldnt send it to me or something,..no need o be
a meaniehead. but anyways..i told mike last night that i
think codi is cute..he told codi of course. grrr i hate it
when guys know i like them because they never like me back
and it just makes things all weird. mike said that codi was
looking for a g/f but im like hellooo he likes that rachel
chik. but anyways. i dont know. codi is reeeally cute and
sweet so who knows.david still doesnt talk much. like at
all almost. so whatever im done with that.alright well im
gonna go watch some cartoons or read or something...*hugs*

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