Sammy's Life
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2002-08-26 21:31:21 (UTC)

The First Day of School

Today was the first day of my senior year and I had mixed
emotions about it. First, I was excited to start a new
school year because I was getting tired of my boring
summer and I missed seeing some people. But, As I got on
the bus, I felt depressed because I ...well I hit a mac
truck and thats why I couldnt drive to school. Anyway, I
quickly remembered why I hated the bus soo much. I got to
my homeroom and then I walked to my locker. Yes, finally,
I was a member of the "senior hallway". It made me miss
all my friends who are now at college and it also made me
miss the senior guys, yes, even Randy. But, I also
realized that we had a lot of senior hotties ourselves
this year ;-) . One in particular who I so desparately
wanted a class with...but, he doesnt have any classes with
me. HOWEVER, there is still hope because he might have
some classes with me that I didnt have yet. Pray!! He has
the most adorable smile. I admired him last year but I
never approached him because he wasn't in any of my
classes and because I was new last year. This year, I
figured I would have classes with him and that would be my
chance to get to know him. far no good...:-(
Anyway, I will keep you updated throughout the week to see
what else goes on with the first week of senior year.