Highway to Hell
2001-07-17 03:55:05 (UTC)

metallica vs. napster

alright i got in an arguement with someone the other day
about the whole metallica vs napster deal and i think that
people are retarded. i'll debate my case and you can think
for your own self.

metallica sued napster basically for break every copyright
law. and in easy terms metallica made the music and they
should have the right to distribute it wherever they want,

and for those who say metallica is greedy and shit thats
crap cause metallica never made anyone go out and buy there
records after napster shut down. it was free will that they
bought a metallica record. lars didn't go up to people on
the street and hold a gun to there head and say (in his goofy ass
voice) "you have you go buy my cds".

thats my case, if you don't agree well your stupid.