Evil, Ecstasy, and the Enemy (a diary)
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2001-07-17 03:27:12 (UTC)

Hello World, This is me (incessant off key humming with the occasional word or pause to remember the lyrics)

Hello Diary!!!
This is my first entry so I am chipper to the extent
that someone will eventually smack me down. This afternoon
was so wonderful! I got to play the "Super Sonic Fight Baby
time" game with my baby brother Jack. The game seems to
consist of putting Barbie sunglasses on the Sonic the
Hedgehog toy, putting him in the landspeeder from Starwars,
and dropping him off the top stair. We repeated this
several times before I pointed at nothing and fled. I would
just like to state here and now that I do not believe in
mozzerella cheese or killing innocent roadkill, diary.Just
keep that in mind. My first entry will be kind of short. I
apolagize but there is a WWF smackdowm going on downstairs
over the remote. So..
Later taterz
love peace chicken grease,
O ra vwa
MaDdIe mAdDiE "so nice you say it twice"