Random Thoughts, Fun Times, and General
2001-07-17 03:23:49 (UTC)

HAH! O sweet revenge!!!

So today I had to work...a-fuckin-gain. It's ok 'cause I'm
a po' ho right now, so I need the cash in a big way. I
worked front desk with the resident hottie Marc, and we
kinda just chilled and I flirted with his blue-gray eyed
hotness. Some famous athlete came into my work today, but
I don't know who the hell he is. I just knew he was 'cause
of his bodacious bod and the bling bling action on his neck
and wrists.

Got the schedule for the next few weeks and my manager was
a little bitch about the situation yesterday and only
scheduled me for 4 shifts in the next 2 weeks combined.
So, Marc took off early and I was left there for an extra
2.5 hours to run the desk on my own. Not only did I get
all my work done BUT I helped the servers out. In my front
desk manager's face in a big way. I hope she feels like an
asshole now. Maybe her bitch self will give me more hours -
- we'll see.