nobody cares
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2002-08-26 18:09:55 (UTC)

dont know wut to do

i dont know wut to do anymore
ive been such a bitch and i dont know why
ive done so many awful things and i wich i could take them
all back
i dont know wut to even write anymore and this will
probably my last entry in here ever
ive hurt so many people by writing in here and i never even
realized it
i wish i could say IM SORRY a million times
i really truly am
i dont know wut to do anymore
cause it seems like the world is turning on me
Im sorry melissa for all the pain i have caused you. i
never ment to hurt you, and im soooo sorry i wish i could
take everything back. i want to be ur friend again but i
know thats nearly impossible . its just i cant understand
why u would get affended by reading my jornal because its
the only place to hide it from my family... but i have
noooooo exscuses
i wish i knew wut to say but please give me another chance
please i dont want to loose u and im soooo sorry ill never
do something stupid like this ever again i promise

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