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tHe iNvIsIbLe gUrL
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2002-08-26 17:37:00 (UTC)

madly in love

its funny...i went away to camp for a week, i met this guy,
and i never really expected to see him or hear from him--
ever again. i wrote him an email, called him once or
twice, and wrote him a letter. the last one i did was the
email, and i almost freaked out when i got one back from
him today. oh man. but this guy--his name is mark.
consequently, that is max's real name too, but that is
beside the point and off track--and i was pretty much in
love with him for that week and at least a week after. and
that was something i could admit, because i wasnt planning
on seeing him again. well--as far as seeing, i dont plan
on that still, but talking...that still blew me away. its
kind of scary. he has a girlfriend, and i am ok with that--
more than ok. i might have said or done something i would
have regretted if he hadnt while we were at camp. but we
had a lot of fun, and thats all i needed. it was a nice
break from max, and all the guys here. mark--i've never
really met a guy practically my intellectual equal. it was
perfect. i'd say he is my ideal guy...one i might really
marry, or at least date. he was funny, cute, polite, a
soccer player (whoo hoo!) and bright to boot. i dont think
i'll meet another one like him, but it is always good to
know there is better out there, somewhere, so i dont have
to dwell on what i dont have here in billsville. i wrote
back to him, congradulating him on his 1440 SAT score
(wow!) and told him to have a good soccer season--not much
else, i'd like to be friends with him and all, but guys are
not particularly on my trustworthy list for this year. but
i dont know. i really liked him, but maybe i just wanted
to like him to make guys here mad? maybe. maybe a
specific guy. and when it didnt do much, i gave up. its
not going to kill me if i dont get mark, but thats pretty
much how it is with all guys as far as romanticism goes--i
might be madly in love, but that kind of love is just a
convienience--and doesnt and wont ever compare with a good
friendly love. so i'm just fine with a few emails and no
goodbye. life goes on, yeah, life goes on.

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