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life of a porn star
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2001-07-17 03:00:47 (UTC)

more poems

shadows pass with time on the walls
the moon rises and falls
flowers blossum and wilt in a heartbeat
time is taken for granted,
and the air becomes stale
friends come and go, even the ones that stay
age comes with change, and youth slips away.
pleasure is lost when love is forgotten
hurt is found when asking for pain
morning's dew dries as the sun scorches the day
innocence is lost too soon
and the bridge to serinity caves in
the more i look back, the more i miss
and before i know it, the moon swallows the day

given life and taken away
engulfed happiness in ice,
and displayed as the past
passion seized and bottled up
the strings of your heart severed and removed from your body
forced back into the womb, sheltered in your home,
shut up inside

whipped around, tied down,
suffocated, and now drowned
tears fall like honey, slow and sweet
love burns like money, fast with heat
mother's voice fades
father's words slayed
stars at night are tiny holes in a black sky
i think heaven must be on the other side

holding on to yesterday, pretending he's still here
you live each moment yesterday, and say the future's near
present is lost before your eyes
and everyone has gone home to bed
mysteries are solved, tears are dried,
its dark,
and cold, and dead
tired, ill
faded and fogtten
still wishing for what was here,
that you would see me for who i am
and learn to ignore your fear.

they come and go
become memories, then ghosts
gently kissand bruise my heart
each taking more than the last
i smile as i remember sweet memories
i wince as the truth burns my skin and eyes
all alone, long after
the tears come