Random Thoughts, Fun Times, and General
2001-07-17 02:56:08 (UTC)

As God as my witness, I will never party again!

Ok, so the sweet and lowdown on the party. Well, my friend
Vicki called me when she left the club to tell me the band
was on their way back to the house. She also wanted to
tell me that Hookup Boy from last time was there. Soooo,
as I'm sitting in my room nekkid talkin to my friend Steve,
I realized I needed to shake ass to get there.
Unfortunately, I was having outfit issues. When I FINALLY
got dressed and got there, it was about 10 to 1AM. Who is
the FIRST person I see before I even step into the party,
much less have a drink to calm myself? Ooooooof course!

Basically I just watched people be drunk and asinine all
night. Had 4 vodka/pineapples before I decided to play
bartender and whip up some Sour Apple martinis. Just when
I was gettin into my whole "Coyote Ugly" thing, this guy
Mark (aka the Albino) walks in and I just groaned. The
last time I saw the asshole was at a party in April where
he shoves his phone in my face and demands "fix my phone."
All I did was put it on keyguard and the moron didn't know
how to get it off. Whatever. He came behind the bar to
say hi to be and I said hi very shortly without even
looking at him. He got the hint.

Sad thing is, when I get drunk, I turn into Flirty Trishee,
so I let Mark's past indiscretions be forgiven somewhat
(After giving him shit for a little while). Hookup Boy was
being stoooopid and I was plastered, so I went home around
4-something. Didn't drag my drunken ass to bed until
almost 5AM. Had to wake up for work at 9:30.

Sunday: Working sucked donkey dick, to be blunt. Of
course I felt like ass because of the lack of good sleep
plus hangover. Then to make matters worse altogether, the
front desk manager at the restaurant pulled me aside after
the shift to "correct" some of my, she was
scolding me like a child. Fuckin bitch. So I was having
an off day...kiss me in the crack of my ass!

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