The land of unknown
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2001-07-17 02:54:44 (UTC)


i'm bored and i'm picking up habbits from Lyz. oh well.
right now i'm just talking with my friend Nate. he says
he doesn't like sending e-mails. and he doesn't know
why. hhmmmmm.................. u can tell i don't really have
anything to put. i'm just waisting my time. hi Lyz. i know
u read these. i know u know i read u'rs. and i am really
bored. hi Kitty. just incase u read these. though i don't
think u do. oh well. maybe u should get one too. and for
any metal fans that like things like Disturbed or
Drowning Pool. u might want to check out Systematic.
they're cool. ok, i have to go now. buh bye. no wait. i
never end my entries. they just stop.