Prodigy: The Next Chapter of the Beginin
2002-08-26 15:21:28 (UTC)


I had to wake up early to day at 7. While my stay at the
hospital here in Saint Charles, The docters found things in
my body Whil eI was there after my car accident. And come
to bad news and some good news I guess. I tested positive
for TB. Tuberculosis. That is When there is this virus of
some sort that is in your lungs. It isn't active when you
are young but it will become active over the corse of the
years as you get older. But for some odd reason. The ones
in my body has already started to awaken. I guess that is
the reason why I strted haveing breathing problems for the
past few months. I got a Chest X-Ray about 8 and there on
teh screeen were marks and I had a cracked sternum. more
bad news. Right now I'm thinking over what a friend told
me. "It will be hard and bumpy at first but then it will
eventually get better". And for some reason it has started
to get way to bumpy. His name was Andy by the way. He's
from the UK. he came to Niagra Falls to visit the falls. He
is a hottie. And I loved teh accent too. :}. Anyways...I
have to go back to the hospital in a couple of days so that
they can start giving me medication. i wil be on it for
about 9 month all together hopfuly this med will help
elimanate the active cells of the desease and help keep the
rest of it walled up and prevented it from ever become
active. i am hopping that i won't be diagnosed with
anything else. I want to be normal for once. and that i
shall be.

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