Amy Kam

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2002-08-26 14:27:23 (UTC)


Oh my god... it is monday again... SO TIRED!!!

SO TIRED! SO SLEEPY... Today I was thinking of call in
sick, cause' I am soooooo sleepy...but then I didn't.


I was supposed to go to drink drink drink after work, but
then I decided to eat hot pot at home with Jonalyn.


I went out with my mom... supposed to go to bubble tea but
then I was sooooo sleepy, I decided to sleep early. I AM


Talked to Sarah in the some news about
Patrick...sometimes I miss him, but oh well..

All you can sing....we were all like drunk after
karaoke..BBQ dinner with John, Kim, Jonalyn and my
sisters. Surprisingly, Tim and Miranda dropped by and
brought us dessert...

I am looking forward to work at DHL tonite because today is
Cindy and Candy 's first day!!! woooohooo!

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