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2001-07-17 02:39:55 (UTC)

now what???

ummm....yeah, okay...so i think i have a crush on my best
guy friend...either that or i just need to hook-up with
somebody. who knows either one doesnt exactly make me
happy though. if i do have a crush on him thats bad...there
is no chance of anything coming of it...and if i just want
a hookup that means im no closer to finding someone that i
can be honest with anyway...and that still leaves me all
alone. and im tired of being alone....granted i dont think
i need a boyfriend to be fullfilled or anything, but i miss
all the little things that go along with it. like having
someone to call and tell u that they hope u sleep well...or
that they miss u or they just cant wait til they get to
kiss u again, its been so long since ive had that im
starting to forget what its like to be that important to
somebody. yeah well i really dont want to sound like a pity
party for myself so i think i'll go wallow in my lonliness
for awhile :(