Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-17 02:28:52 (UTC)

Uhhh .......... HUH?

Guess what ......... all in favor say TIMMY IS A DORK!!!
Hahaha... Okay well he isn't and I am sure I am the only
one that was in favor of that. No Biggie .... I am a sorry
loser anyways. Well I let bygones be bygones and I am
acting as though I am just peachy. Peaches ..... man ....
it makes me think about what Chris keeps sayin. Which
reminds me .... he doesn't like me to mention him in this
but it is okay .... I will anyway. Hehehe. Yeap. Well today
I went with my mom to Saratoga. But we didn't do anything
but sit in the parking lot. Hahaha what fun. Then we went
to some councling place. (that is not to be mentioned or
talked about till later ...... dont worry it isn't my
councelor ... I dont have one ... this one is my brothers)
Then we went get some grub. No wait that was before the
councilor thing (I am just spelling that wrong aren't I?)
Well you kno what I mean. Then we went to my dads house to
pick up a few things. Then guess what? Ha you will never
kno. Haha j.k. I went and took pictures with my mom. Not
Kitty .... Cookie. Hahahaha that is funny. Anywho ... we
wont be gettin those till Tomorrow afternoon. Right now it
is like 7:23 and I dont kno what I am goin to be doin
later. Except that I may be talkin on the phone with Chris.
It is always nice to talk to him. Even if we end up in a
disagreement we always work it out. Or if we are arguing we
kind of (sometimes) let it go. Hmmmm ...... Wonder what
everyone is doing. I should give Kitty a call but I dont
have her number with me at the moment. And I really dont
want to call Daria cus then I wouldn't kno what to talk
about. And ........ now things have gone from okay to the
worst day of my life in the past last 5 seconds ......... I
am goin to burst and I can NOT hold it no longer .... I
will explain all later .............. um .............