2001-07-17 02:19:57 (UTC)


Thursday, December 07, 2000
It’s crunch time.
Finals are next week, so I have to sit my ass down
and study for a few days. And I do mean a few days. I’m
talking about on Friday I’ll study a little after school
and then go out drinking and Saturday I’ll do the same
thing. I mean I will study for days straight. Usually
about 3 days straight.
I’ll wake up roundabout 10, fuck around for a lil while,
and then study until I go to bed.
That’s what I do with math anyway. I have to do it with
math. I mean, we learn so much shit so quickly, and don’t
apply it hardly at all, that I have to study for that long
just to remember what to do with all of those numbers.
It’s like trying to remember how to have sex after not
doing it for 20 years. You know basically how, but you
really need to practice a few times before you get to the
point where it feels good.
So I can’t see Lindsay for about a week and a half because
I have to study so much. I’m gonna miss her. I can’t see
her till next Friday (that’s the plan, but we both know
that I’ll see her sometime this weekend, I’m sure) and I’m
gonna miss her.
Reader: Awwwwww…..
Anyway, this chapter is almost over. I have Finals, then
vacation, then the next chapter.
I wonder what’ll happen in that one?