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2002-08-26 07:30:14 (UTC)

My fight inside.

It seem the more i scream and shout i cant seem to get out
all this shit inside. Whats inside is awaken it seems i can
only ask one question :" how long can i be this way? ". all
the insults i have been taken have not really affected me,
i am still given faith, but can stll raise to every occaion
that is sent to me, can i stand and fight every lil wrong
or right, she is pushing me any and every way she can she
is killing me!She is always on my back driving as many
knives as she can, but that time was the last i took her to
place she was meant to be because she is so ugly inside and
cold thats were she belongs i would have kept her there, Oh
god i hate!this time i let what was inside take me i stop
dreaming completely and make believeing all together and
all that shit inside just began to follow and marched with
me as i pulled each and every dagger from my back and put
it in my so called friends's chest and watched them scream
as i laughed, and they begged me not to, all this time i
was begging to them, they were just feeding my fire for
them to start falling in holes of pain, i am a sick-o for