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2002-08-26 06:47:32 (UTC)

I am so afraid of being alone because i will remember.

Every time i close my eyes, i see the mistakes i have made
thoughout my day. Wanting to hear there screams all at one
time i see pictures behind my eyelids of the past; that
cause me to lose my faith, but i gotta do all that i can
take all this pain away from the corners of my mind just
gotta take the fight one more time. Gotta get rid of the
diser to kill, but just when i think i can break this cycle
i lose all my power to stop it and i see all i did not
wanna see, i cant think it over one more time; i cant look
back. I gotta live it all behind. But right here all alone
i seem to break down and cry, wishing with what little mind
i have left that i could die for someone that (i wish i can
hurt). But to forget seems to be my only way.One more time
i seem to taste.