worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-08-26 06:32:45 (UTC)

More rules and punishments

1. When i eat more than i know i should have, i will be
punished as follows: i will write "fat cow" and "ugly pig"
all over my body in dark marker, i will shove a chopstick
deep into my ass, i will stand in front of a mirror with a
bar of soap in my mouth and remain as such for 15 minutes.

2. When i procrastinate doing my homework: i will slam my
book closed on my nose three time and tits ten times, i
will tie my ankles and waist tightly to my chair for the
duration of my work, i will not be allowed to get up to eat
or use the bathroom, i will lash my palms with a ruler for
each un-neccessary minute of delay.

3. When i oversleep or hit the snooze more than once: i
will not use the toilet but will piss myself before taking
a shower, i will wear tight jeans all day with no
underwear, i will wake 30 minutes early the rest of the
week and spend that time spanking my ass with a hairbrush
each morning.

4. When i don't exercise: i will strip naked, write the
usual "fat cow" and "ugly pig" on my body, attach nipple
clamps and weights, do 50 jumping jacks, then hang the
weights over the back of my shoulders and do 50 sit-ups
while mooing loudly, i will then whip my lazy ass with a
cane 100 times.

5. When i don't clean: i will spend the weekend cleaning my
apartment from top to bottom while wearing a horse-bit gag,
nipple clamps, a chopstick up the ass, bengay-lubed
toothbrush in my cunt, and crawling from room to room,
kissing the floor upon entry.

6. When i watch too much TV: i will lie naked on the floor
with a painfully large object shoved in my cunt while
watching the news, i will not be allowed to orgasm.

7. When i fall behind on my email: i will set aside time to
email all those i have been neglecting, when i am caught up
i will whip my pussy five times on behalf of each person.

8. When i sulk about my punishments: i will stand in the
corner like a bad little girl for half an hour and crawl
around my apartment the rest of the day while sucking on a

9. i will always sleep with my legs tied tightly together.
Punishment for forgetting will be to shove a bottle-
scrubber up my pussy and leaving it there each night before
tying my legs together for the rest of the week and going
to bed one hour early.

10. i will never masturbate in bed. Punishment for this is
one week without orgasm and spending 30 minutes each day
tormenting my clit with an ice cube then applying a
clothespin to my clit for another 30 minutes.

11. When i dress like a slob: i will whip my tits til they
are red that evening and continue as often as needed so
they remain red until bedtime.

12. i will never be clothed in my apartment. Punishment
for remaining dressed once inside will be to give myself a
painful wedgie, stuff my bra with coarse or sharp objects,
fill my socks with rice, leave all of it there the rest of
the day, and spank the inside of my thighs with a ruler 30
times every half hour until bedtime.

13. i will always have "painslut" written across my
forehead while at home. Punishment for forgetting this
will be to write painslut repeatedly across the front of my
body in pen or marker that will be hard to wash off, clamp
my nipples and pussy lips with the tightest clamps i own,
shove large objects up my pussy and ass, tie my wrists
behind my back, kneel in front of a mirror, and repeat
loudly "i am a worthless fucking painslut" for one hour.